The ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum is an excellent networking and learning platform for:

  • Chairmen, CEOs and corporate Directors who define and execute business strategy
  • Senior members of Government who hold portfolios of economics, finance, investment, trade and sustainable development
  • Members of civil society and academia who follow the ASEAN development process

Why Attend?

  • Meet and engage with ASEAN’s next wave of top leaders whose visions, perspectives and leadership matter to business in the region
  • Gain better understanding and insight on the foremost issues and challenges facing Southeast Asia and the opportunities to watch out for
  • Participate in discussions to shape the evolving ASEAN agenda for trade and investment
  • Learn important lessons, best practices and new perspectives from highly successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Assess how key events around the world are impacting ASEAN

Registration is priced at USD1,500 per delegate. The registration fee covers attendance to all sessions, conference meals and refreshments, and a delegate pack which includes profiles of participants.

Registration to the ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum 2012 is now closed.

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